Thursday, March 3, 2011

Green chili Pickle


• Green chili: 1 Kg

• Dry mango Powder: 10 gram

• Fennel (Sombu / Saunf): 10 gram

• White cumin seeds (Seerakam / Jeera): 10 gram

• Lime (lemon): 8

• Edible oil: 1 cup

• Salt: 50 gram

Method of preparation:

• Get juice from lime (lemon)

• Wash all chilies.

• Carefully cut the middle portion of chilies lengthwise without separating.

• Heat edible oil and add all the ingredients except chilies.

• Cook under low flame for about ten minutes.

• This will turn into masala.

• After cooling, fill some masala in each chili.

• Put all chilies and left over masala in a glass bottle or jar.

• This will become very good Green chili Pickle day by day.


Krithi's Kitchen said...

This is just wow... My DH is a great fan of pickles and would love this..

me said...
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SG said...

Nice one. Stumbled upon your post by chance. Like it. Plan to go through your archives.

Just one question. What is the Tamil word for green gram? Is it Paasi Paruppu or Payatham Paruppu? Or, they both same?

Tamil Home Recipes said...

Thank you all for the comments. @SG.
Green gram,Paasi Paruppu,Payatham Paruppu all same.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! pickle is looking so tasty.

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Divya said...

wow!! green chili pickle. so spicy. but i love it. Thanks for providing the recipe. Now i can try it at home rather than getting it from market.

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Story said...

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