Thursday, December 16, 2010

Corn Dosa

It is also called Manjal sola Dosai, Chola maavu thosai, Makki dosai, Makka Chola Dosai, etc.


·       Raw Rice: 1 cup
·       Corn Kernels: 2 cups
·       Green Chilies: 3 to 5
·       Ginger piece: 1 inch
·       Salt and Edible oil


·       Wash the rice.
·       Soak it for about five hours.
·       Grind it to batter.
·       Grind also the corn kernels with green chilies and ginger into a smooth paste.
·       Mix the rice batter and corn paste.
·       Add required salt and water and prepare dosa batter.
·       Heat a pan.
·       Apply oil (greasing).
·       Pour a ladle of batter on the hot pan and spread evenly with the same ladle.
·       Pour a little oil around if needed.
·       Cook both the sides under medium flame.

Serve hot with any chutney.